TenGenix Testimonials

I’m sensitive to supplements. That’s why I go through with the ingredients to see if it contains something that doesn’t go well with my system. With TenGenix, it’s all good so I decided to give it a shot. I was amazed and terrified at the same time since TenGenix was intense. My erections were rock-solid, my libido shot through the roof, and I was like a machine. For me, intense reactions only mean one thing – side effects. I was waiting for something bad to happen, like an allergy or flush, but it didn’t. I took it regularly and got about an inch added to my size. Still no side effects. I guess I’m sticking with TenGenix for good.

Kyle Miller- Orlando, FL

Who said that old farts can’t have fun? I’m 55, divorced, and ready to party, baby! Thanks to TenGenix, I’m now able to roll with young guns and bed hot wannabe models. I run a modeling agency, and they throw themselves at me pretty much for anything. The only problem I had was I can’t keep up. But with TenGenix, they had to keep up. TenGenix was so good they keep comin’ back for more. TenGenix gave me all I could ever wish for – a big dick, and a libido that won’t let up.

Terry the Man Location not provided

Busy men can be great in bed too. That’s what I learned, thanks to TenGenix. I’ve been dating this guy for about a year now. At first it was awesome, and he got promoted, then suddenly the stress from work made him lose interest for sex. I had him try TenGenix, and just like that, he became a sex god. He got bigger, and his sex drive was red-hot. Sex was amazing – from sensual to rough, every day!

Cathy Smith Portland, OR

TenGenix isn’t the first pill I’ve tried, but it’s the first pill that worked. I got a few inches added to my penis, and that’s more than I could ever ask for. Man, WebMD and MayoClinic was way off when they said that penis enlargement isn’t possible. My 8-inch cock is enough proof.

Dave Ramos- Los Angeles, CA

Since high school, I’ve been troubled by the size of my penis. At only 4” long, there’s nothing much to be proud about it. All those who say that it’s not about the size, but the performance needs to get slapped in the face. I almost believed that until one girl laughed at the size of my penis. I had to do something, and that’s how I came across TenGenix. I’ve tried everything, pills, creams, gels, patches, and even penis pumps. Nothing works, except TenGenix. After a week of taking TenGenix, I realized that I was pleasuring myself much more often. In just 15 days, I measured myself and saw that I grew .75 inches already. I continued using it for a month and measured myself again. I gained nearly 2 inches and about an inch thicker! 6” penis is not bad, but I plan to get bigger. Just placed my order for a 6-month supply. Thanks!

John Miller- Cleveland, OH

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