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Got some questions about TenGenix? We’ll get them answered for you! See the list below for the most common questions that we get from our customers. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, feel free to send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How does TenGenix work?

In a nutshell, TenGenix works by combining the benefits of vasodilators, PDE-5 inhibitors, aphrodisiacs, and hormone-balancing agents to create the perfect conditions that would result in penis enlargement. TenGenix uses both fast-acting and delayed-release components to speed up the penis enlargement process.

What’s the best way to take TenGenix?

We recommend our users to take TenGenix daily – two pills every morning, on an empty stomach. This allows the ingredients to be absorbed optimally, and distributed efficiently throughout the body. If you want to intensify the effects of TenGenix, then you can take another pill of TenGenix, roughly an hour before having sex to enhance sexual desire, endurance, and orgasm control. If you do not want to take a regular supplement, you can simply take TenGenix as-needed. Take two pills about an hour before sex for best results.

What’s the safe limit for taking TenGenix?

Users can take up to a maximum of 4 pills in one day. It would be unlikely that you would need more than three pills per day, but if you feel the need to take it up another level, then you can take 4 pills within a 24-hour period without having any problems.

Will TenGenix show up on a drug screen?

No. TenGenix contains no harmful ingredients or drugs that will show up on the drug screen. TenGenix has been tested extensively before being released to the public to ensure that the product is safe and free from any substance that would create problems or endanger the health of the user.

Can I take TenGenix with other supplements?

Absolutely. TenGenix contains ingredients that are not likely to interfere with other supplements. Users can take TenGenix with fat burners, bodybuilding supplements, nootropics, multivitamins, and pre-workout supplements without any problem whatsoever.

Can I take TenGenix with Viagra?

TenGenix is safe to take with most drugs on the market today. However, it would be unlikely that you would need to take Viagra together with TenGenix since TenGenix already contains all-natural PDE-5 inhibitors, which mimic the effects of Viagra and other similar drugs. If you are taking medication for a cardiovascular illness, we recommend that you seek the advice of your physician before taking TenGenix or any other supplement.

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes. We value our customers’ privacy, and we understand the sensitive nature of our product. We assure our customers that the packaging would be discreet. Customers can expect their shipment to arrive in an unmarked package 3-5 business days after completing an order.

Does TenGenix offer a guarantee?

Only the most trusted brands offer guarantees, and TenGenix is one of them. TenGenix offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its pills. We ensure our customers that our pills do exactly what they are intended to do, and if you are not satisfied with the effects of TenGenix, you can call our customer care hotline to request for a refund.

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